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Wheelchair Rental Service - Quality Rental Options in the Southwest

Medical Equipment Rentals in El Paso

Our team at Wheelchair & Walker Rentals offers highly-reviewed home medical equipment for local customers in the Southwest. Over the years, we’ve identified the most reliable, durable products to support the physicians and customers we serve. Whether for the home or a medical business, our products are time-tested for success, backed by our experienced team and stellar reviews. For same-day rental services, choose Wheelchair and Walker Rentals, Inc.! 

The Benefits of the Equipment

For patients with disabilities or who simply are growing older, the benefits of mobility equipment can not be overstated. From moving around the home to navigating outside environments, it’s crucial that people have the tools they need to move and thrive. Wheelchairs and walkers are the two main types of mobility equipment in use today, with each category having myriad options and accessories to choose from. 

Renting vs. Buying

Deciding when it would be best to rent a wheelchair or walker versus buying one is both a financial and medical decision. For individuals, it’s important to consult both your physician and insurance company when making the choice between full purchase and rental. 

Short Term vs. Long Term Rentals

Short-term renting is fantastic for those who have a temporary disability or would like to try out a particular piece of equipment without a long-term commitment. Longer-term rentals are also useful for these purposes, but can sometimes be more expensive than an outright purchase. As stated above, clients should consult numerous sources when deciding what is best for their unique circumstances. 

Which Mobility Device is Right for You?

The type of home medical equipment that you may need will always be dependent on your unique condition and needs. While some people are able to use a simple walker, others may need more heavy-duty equipment like a powered wheelchair. By talking with your physician and our team of experts, you can get a better idea of what would work best for you. 

Types of Wheelchairs


Manual wheelchairs are powered by the user or by someone manually pushing the wheelchair. They are cheaper on average than powered wheelchairs, but take more energy to operate.


Powered wheelchairs allow users to access mobility without having to manually move the wheelchair themselves. 
Types of Walkers


Types of Walkers


Classic walkers do not have wheels and are great for those who need walkers but do not need them to roll. They also tend to be a cheaper option than other types of walkers, which is great for clients on a budget. 


Rollators, as the name suggests, have wheels that allow them to roll on surfaces. They typically come in two-wheeled and four-wheeled configurations and can come with a variety of accessories. 

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers allow customers to kneel on their walkers and roll around, which allows people more comfortable as they move. Similar to rollators, knee walkers make use of special wheels to maximize a patient’s mobility options. 

Other Features to Consider


If you will be in your wheelchair for long periods of time, it’s important that the seating of your chair is optimal. Seating is one of the primary factors when it comes to comfort and overall accessibility. 


For wheelchairs and rollators, one of the most important components is the wheel. There are a variety of wheels to choose from, each being tailored to a specific set of needs and environments. 

Power Component

Depending on factors like your body type and type of mobility equipment, you may need a specific power component to match your needs. 


To personalize your mobility equipment to best suit you, it’s important to look into the variety of accessories available for wheelchairs and walkers. 

Discover Rental Options

Wheelchair and Walker Rentals, Inc. offers home medical equipment rentals for those who are searching for a short or long term rental solution. We have a wide range of home medical equipment available to choose from. Get started by exploring rental products in our catalog or filling out the rental form below to request more information.

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